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Our Technology

Biotechnology, the use of organisms or living beings for the generation of products, has been the driving source of science for the last 5 decades. With the advancement of recombinant technology, bioprocess engineering, and genetics research, we have opened up a single cell and started looking up the future of humanity and how we can make our lives safer, healthier and longer. Bioengineering or bioprocessing uses a cell that generates enormous amounts of data that must be deciphered, analyzed, established the probability and predictably of the process data. If we have a machine that learns the process and the physical, chemical, and biological structure of the bio-product, humanity can jump to an advanced future.

The marriage of biotechnology and artificial intelligence will open a new era to science.

The most unique approach of the Fable Corp. system is its ability to screen vibrational spectroscopy inputs for a desired biochemical, cell or virus to detect, and utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data mining tools to eliminate, the noise in the raw data generated from several simultaneous vibrational spectroscopy inputs. This approach makes vibrational spectroscopy methods suitable for use as point-of-care systems for any end-user, and moreover, lead to the realization of full-automation (Internet-of-Things) systems.


COVID - 19

In early 2020 the world has been hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic and this affected the countries' economies and global travel.


27 Confirmed Cases @31/12/2019 - 136.692.281 Confirmed Cases @20/04/2021 (EU Open Data Portal)


Tight restrictions caused fragmentation of global trade and supply linkages. Deep recessions are foreseen.


Air Line demand down 61%, 118 Billion USD Total Loses in 2020


Possible long-term mental health impacts: Increased anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Solution

The crucial new approach in biotechnology that Fable Corp. have developed is an AI Based test device to detect viruses in seconds simultaneously without using any biochemicals. The first step (2021 Q1) in our pipeline is a system which can detect Covid-19.

Many more virus detection capabilities will be added in our system in 2021 and 2022.


Low-Invasive / Non-Invasive Sampling

Using mouth wash or mouth swab instead of nasopharyngeal swab samples


Sample Preparation

Preparation only involves transfer of sample to small sample containers and place them in sample holder.


Result in Seconds

User-friendly GUI and standard data logging capabilities make the system compatible to lay-users.

Global Biosecure Travel Statement

Today’s airports are no longer just a place where airplanes take off and land; instead airports are vital economic generators providing a gateway to their city, state, region, country. Aviation provides the only rapid worldwide transportation network, which makes it essential for global business and tourism. Keeping the global transportation safe and available is among the most important strategic requirements for all countries.

People in touch with aviation very well know that all rules in aviation written with blood. Since the beginning of air transportation, the regulations and standards are evolving too. Today it may seem very strange, but some people may still remember the time that smoking was a common thing in the airports and even in the planes during the flight. In 1988, airlines based in the United States banned smoking on domestic flights of less than two hours, which was extended to domestic flights of less than six hours in February 1990, and to all domestic and international flights in 2000.


In time, with accordance to changing treats the regulation and rules have been updated and even a lot of new standards have been defined by IATA and ICAO regarding the airport safety and operations. Security checkpoint have been established to ensure the physical security and prevent the movement of illegal things.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how fast an infectious disease can spread around the world and cause a global lock down that effected economies, transportation and regular flow of supply chains. It seems that even after the Covid-19 problem is solved, aviation is at the point to develop new security standard to ensure the safe travel of passengers.

Airports and planes are among the rarest places that you can see people from all around the world together in a closed area. Currently in the airports there are security checkpoints that make you take of your shoes, belt and jackets etc. but there is was not any regulation even to check the body temperature. After many security checks and x-ray, hundreds of passengers are put together in plane for about 12 hours in some flights. No one is aware if any of the passengers has an infectious disease.

Post Covid-19 times, also known as the “New Normal”, are times that additional biological security standards will be defined and executed. Incidents that impact so much globally are not just evolutionary, they also are revolutionary. A bitter light has been shined upon a blind spot, severely overlooked, and none will be able to un-see this spot any longer. Change is not a matter of if or how anymore, it is a matter of when. As Fable Corporation, we are dedicated to developing the solution that will ensure bio-secure areas for transportation, education, commerce, entertainment and all other reasons that require a community to physically gather in a place. We aim to play the role of early adapters who carry the flag as pioneers to rise up to the social challenge we are facing. This challenge also marks the beginning of a new age, acting first will not only mean adapting early, but it will brand one as trendsetters of the highest order, a level where higher purpose and commercial success become inseparable from one another. It is our strongest belief that regulation makers like IATA will also act in similar fashion to this manifesto in their approach to the conditions we are facing, and hereby invite you to get on board and join our efforts in providing the solution to this problem on a global scale.

Global Biosecurity Manifesto

When “Bio” appears as a major threat...

We need to pass through multiple steps before boarding a commercial aircraft. We walk through a metal detector to enter a shopping mall. We are going under different security procedures to enter specific locations like schools and offices. All mandatory security plans have prioritized physical security risks, however biological security has not been comprehended as a serious issue until the recent outbreak. Despite the urgent need to take preventive actions we do not have any protocol for biosecurity in any industry.


Even though over 1.6 million people worldwide lose their lives due to violence each year, just as the patients lose their lives from tuberculosis alone, biosecurity is still not considered a crucial point for surveillance. While the outcome of a violent act that is injuring and traumatizing individuals in a small shopping mall is perceived as a subject in the film industry to raise awareness; a global impact of biosecurity-related events mostly considered under the sci-fi category. This is a conflicting approach considering a broad range of infections killing millions everyday not in a sci-fi movie, but in reality.

The social, financial, and educational comfort of humanity have been disturbed by an outbreak enveloping the world in a global health emergency. Recent pandemic reminded us that humans' vulnerability remains unchanged towards a rapidly-evolving biohazard despite all our technological progress. Along with the health consequences, increasing fear of death, social isolation, concerns about the illness and the uncertainty of the future arise the need to urgent solutions to bring this global crisis to an end. While society struggles with the pandemic's intertwined health and social and economic impacts; the front lines of this fight as most and worst affected group is the medical community. Wrong diagnoses, lack of resources for patients and time-consuming testing alternatives have created a hard time for one of our society’s most critical infrastructures. The topics mentioned above are only a small fraction of the adverse outcomes that humanity will face next pandemic.

Developing nations face more critical challenges than those affecting nations in the west. They also fight against a lack of resources and limited reach to new technologies besides medical supplies. As one of the most promising short-term solutions, vaccines could not create the positive response against the virus as expected. Moreover, the vaccines cannot be delivered because of the ineffective supply chain, even in developed countries. The vaccine supply chain is so inadequate that the vaccine loses even the biggest manufacturing companies cannot supply to people in time. Individuals, who were infected before, are catching the virus again even if they got vaccinated. Moreover, the nations that do not have the resources to vaccinate their population are the ones that generate mutating viruses which are resistant to the current vaccines on the market.

Unprecedented situations make room for improvement. At the beginning of the pandemic, both small business and big corporations faced an acute financial crisis. As one of them, IATA published a briefing in September 22nd, 2020, including requirements to reboot the aviation industry. In the briefing, they mentioned a need to develop new technology for systematic testing of the passengers to open the borders safely. This technology described as portable, fast, accurate, affordable, and easy to use technology without any need of trained medical personnel.

Been there, done that. Learning from the previous pandemics and recent Coronavirus outbreaks, the necessity to be prepared for future risks has crucial value for preventing and managing global health crisis. In that respect, the primary aim should be to create “Virus Free Zones” y implementing Universal Biosecurity Protocols in crowded areas and facilities vulnerable to pandemic conditions (i.e., Aviation, Shopping malls, Sports stadiums, Hotels and Restaurants, Educational institutions and much more). Additionally, Biosecurity Protocols shall be developed to have a simple procedure applied in any required place. The procedure should be done by a non-invasive or minimally invasive sampling method (i.e., sampling from Saliva or a simple mouth swab or mouth wash sample). Furthermore, detecting multiple viruses simultaneously with one sample is necessary to achieve high-level biosecurity.

The approach of online biosecurity protocols without biochemical kits is crucial. Instead of developing new biochemical test kits for every bioagent and mutants and shipping them worldwide, we should introduce new tests for the new viruses and their mutation forms or other bio-threats to biosecurity systems from any location and use the online detection system in different location simultaneously to avoid complications related to mutations in biological agents.

Taking preventative actions against biological security risks is essential to overcome problems related to current and upcoming pandemics. When we investigate the pandemic records of especially the last 50 years, we can see that there had been a new virus or outbreak emerge every 5 to 10 years. Besides bioterrorism and mutation-based pandemics spread from species to species, natural events such as global warming could release ancient viruses with a severe impact, resulting in a global pandemic. Nations and institutions struggle with the limited resources that lead to desperate acts. The lack of resources and structured actions creates an insufficient infrastructure to provide a common approach as the Biosecurity Protocols. A mutating virus or bio-threat should be kept in its initial location, implementing Universal Biosecurity Protocol in critical points such as airports and borders. In future pandemics, nations and institutions will have control of the pandemic with the help of these in-place and online protocols.

A safety measure top of the class. Combining the knowledge and experience we bring from the past with today's technology, we could create exquisite solutions for tomorrow's troubles. Detecting any biological threat within just a minute in point of care and eliminating the time-consuming, non-accurate testing alternatives makes it possible to set a new sustainable foundation to the point of care diagnostics-based biosecurity. This technological approach allows us to easily integrate for similar situations and implement it at the beginning of the threat. By having a standard policy, overcoming challenging outbreak scenarios as soon as it starts will be possible in the future. As it is always said, early diagnosis saves lives, and it certainly would.


Fable Corp. invites investors as well as Healthcare and Biomedical Industry licensing companies to contact us for possible collaborations, initially to realize the needs explained in the Manifesto of Global Biosecurity.

As we have been focusing on disruptive projects consisting of several multi-disciplinary fields in science and engineering, we are willing to enlarge our academical collaborations in fields of Bioengineering, Engineering Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Bioprocess centric Mechatronics, and Biopharma centric Engineered Autotrophs.

About Us

Fable Corp. is passionate about understanding nature and finding new ways to benefit from the knowledge that nature provides in a sustainable way to give back to our fellow human beings in the form of technological advancement. Our technology and our vision are to preserve humanity with Biosafety. We actively take advantage of our team members' technological achievements in the AI and Bioengineering sector to conduct our vision.

Fable Corp. projects have been initiated in 2014 for bioprocess industry. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and the detrimental effects on the economies, societies and industries created an unstable global order. We at Fable Corp. wanted to give a common approach to the world in recent and future pandemic crisis.

When the pattern of history is studied, one can clearly see that future pandemics are inevitable, the lesson that needs to be learned from current pandemic crisis is that preparation and anticipation is the key to battle future pandemics with minimum negative effects to our way of living.

That is why we have developed our technology even further and implemented ways to detect new viruses and diseases just in 2 weeks for future outcomes. Follow our development and vison in our website and if any questions rose feel free to contact us for information ant collaboration opportunities.


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