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About Fable Bio-Technology

As FABLE Biotechnology, we created a new language in biotechnology, a novel communication tool among human, nature, and computer as an infrastructure. FABLE is an innovative start-up Initiated by 2014, offers AI-based Engineering Physics solutions in Biopharma, Biomedical and Bio-Analytics. In 2016, first milestone for the machine learning R&D and in 2018, first proof-of-concept of our technology was achieved by qualitative determination of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) in blood plasma. Since then, we are continuously developing our infrastructure.

We combine our multidisciplinary developed software & AI platforms together with our experiences which includes the management of more than $100 Million and 70 professionals as a task force on projects. We currently give services in Bio-AI, Biopharma R&D and Manufacturing,Facility Design & Management,Business Development, S&M,Bio-IT Management & Innovation, Digitalization, (Bio) Cyber Security, Resource & PMP.

As FABLE, We Understand the Nature...

Global AI-BioNET

The AI Bio-Net is a global network of universal mobile devices (AP-23) developed by Engineering Physics and Artificial Intelligence which results in-place and online detection of biomolecules & viruses with a continuous screening just in seconds and eliminates biological kit & specialized personnel requirements in Biotech Industry.​

This Technology solves one of the main bottlenecks of Biotechnology – Indirectness & Digitalization leading the First Bio-Blockchain infrastructure as well.​

A.I. Bionet is already empowered by Distributed Cloud Computing, Cyber Security. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency integration is on progress.​

Proof-of-Concept of AP-23 is completed by In-Vitro Pre-Clinical & Clinical Trials. Below you can find the key characteristics of the platfrom.

AI-BioNET Key Characteristics

The A.I.-BioNet as a biomedical detection network independent from kits and specialized personnel makes possible to share any new detection algorithm and method in a worldwide network in seconds. This means that when a new biomarker detected by a device connected to A.I.-BioNet the detection capability spreads all around the network simultaneously. In result, both A.I. BioNet itself and also the devices connected are updated continuously and expand their detection capabilities in every update.

  • All Digital Global BioNetwork

    Globalization in seconds: The A.I.-BioNet as a biomedical detection network, independent from kits and specialized personnel makes possible to share any new detection algorithm and method in a worldwide network in seconds. This means that when a new biomarker detected by a device connected to A.I.-BioNet the detection capability spreads all around the network simultaneously.

  • One for all: The A.I.-BioNet eliminates biochemical additives (kits) and specialized personnel. One of the most unique parts of the A.I. Bionet is to be able to make numerous measurements at once from the same body fluid sample in regard to its independence from the obligation to use biochemical additives.

  • The power of global A.I. Bionet makes it possible to make multiple measurement without the necessity of biochemical kits only in seconds.

  • The A.I.-BioNet eliminates biochemical additives (kits) and specialized personnel. In result, this technology becomes available for everyone and the cost per measurement reduces to 2%.

  • The first worldwide biomedical device network utilizes A.I. and also blockchain technology: Considering a transaction number volume of a few million transactions per day at the end of first year and a theoretical transaction number volume capacity of tens of billions of transactions per day, A.I.-BioNet will be also active in blockchain technology.

Fable Bio-Technology Pipeline

Fable Bio-Technology has developed pipeline and project roadmap to continuously improve the company portfolio and scientific maturity.

AI BioNet "AP-23 Project"

COVID-19 ,Seasonal Flu ,Influenza A Viruses ,Other viruses & Molecules

AI BioNet Financial Enhancement

BlockChain integration, Crypto-Currency Integration

BioMetrics and Security

Zero-Touch Palm Reader (Bio-function based) ,Face Recognition (Bio-function based)


HTP-Modular Microbioreactor for Mammalian (All large scale features embedded), HTP-Modular Microbioreactor (Photosynthetic)


Photosynthetic Industrial Host Development (mAb like complex protein expression) , Edible Vaccine

Bio-AI Services

While PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that Artificial Intelligence will contribute to the global output with $15.7 trillion by 2030, a survey of pharma and life sciences experts revealed that 44% were using Artificial Intelligence in their R & D activities already. Biology is the harder problem to solve and tackling that will lead to reduced attrition and increased success. The ability to acquire and integrate diverse data at the outset of biotechnology, using AI, is in near future going to be the rule, not the exception.

Genomics and Healthcare Informatics

AI can help us better understand biology and the underlying codes, signals, pathways, biomarkers and patterns. AI has a crucial role with the power of multivariate analysis and working with big data from design to RnD , from wetlab to clinics.

Natural Language Processing "NLP"

NLP has ability to be answer to many questions in biotechnology from patient data multivariate analyses to data extraction from big data , from genomics to analysis of questionaries , from syntactic structure to lexical semantics and from laboratory data to industrial biotechnology outputs in all fields of biotechnology.

Computational Bioimaging

Computational bioimaging gives us new opportunities to collect information from any visual data. From the health of the machineries to detection of visual biomarkers (e.g. radiology, ophthalmology, pathology, industrial biotechnology, live cell imaging etc.)

Bio-Signal and Signal Processing

Bio-signal and signal processing can transform businesses especially in biomedical, medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and R&D fields. From e-health record analysis to human signal sensing to machinery health analyses these technologies can be utilized.

Speech and Audio Recognition

Except the tremendous potential in biometrics, speech and audio recognition can transform businesses especially in medical and industrial biotechnology fields by analyzing numerous machine, animal and human based sounds.

Biometrics Security and Privacy

Biometrics oriented A.I. technologies can transform any business by utilizing biometrics data for security optimization and enhancement, less time-consuming behavioral analyses and optimization for better employee work yield and satisfaction.

Technical Training to Use AI and IT Products

To utilize the power of AI and IT tools that we create in your company freely we support your company by training your employees.

AI Team Building and Training

We support you to take the next step in digitization by building up and training and A.I. team to recruit. 

Biopharma RnD and Manufacturing

FABLE Corp. Biopharma team is experienced in initiating and managing novel molecules and biosimilar projects from the aspects of Discovery & Reverse Engineering, Vector Design, Cell Line Development, USP & DSP Development and Commercial Scale Manufacturing for Mammalian, Microbial & Photosynthetic based products like Monoclonal Antibodies, Glycoproteins and other biochemicals.

Feasibility Study & Techno-Economical Evaluation for the Concept

Program & Project Initiation & Management

Strategy Development​

Team Building on – USP (Mammalian, Yeast/Fungal, Bacterial), DSP, QA, QC, Engineering​

Bridging Bioprocess & Clinical Trials​

Facility Design and Management

Our main advantage is to combine our multidisciplinary developed software & AI platforms together with our experiences which includes the management of more than $100 Million and 70 professionals as a task force on such projects.​ Main focus area of our activities is Conceptual part of the projects which contains the most crucial starting point of a facility design: Process Engineering!

Fable provides the following services with Fable team's experiences combined with inhouse developed software and AI solutions.

Feasibility Study & Techno-Economical Evaluation

Bioprocess & Facility Design (Conceptual Design, Basic Engineering)

Program & Project Initiation & Management

Detailed Financial Calculations for CAPEX at the stages of Feasibility, Conceptual, Basic Engineering & Detailed Design.

Gap Analysis​

Bioprocess Equipment Design (Simulation based, conceptual, basic)​

Equipment Manufacturing & Engineering Design​

Process Automation​

Bio Business Development

With an excellent Business Development experiences of our team members, more than 70 pharmaceutical products were launched, and 100 Phase-I clinical trials were completed.​ We have 3 great due-diligence teams for small & large molecule projects as well as biomedicals for In-Licensing Process as well as support to your Out-Licensing activities by keeping your soft & hard data confidential.

With combination of Legal, Clinical, Marketing and BD teams, Fable delivers following services and solutions.

Business Development

Technical Negotiation & Agreements

Program & Project Initiation & Management


Agreement Management

Strategy & Portfolio Development

Strategy & BD Team Establishment

Bio-IT Services

Fable Information Technologies team has solid experience in wide range of internation projects and together with its partner companies can deliver below listed services.

Please visit Fable Information Technologies page for detailed information about the products and services.

Software Development for Bio Industry

IT Systems Management for Bio Companies

Consulting and Management of Global PMOs​

Management of Digital Transformation for Globally Operating Companies​

Cyber Security Establishment & Management​

IT/ICT and ULV projects in Biotechnology​

Cyber Security of Biologics & Biometric Data, establishing Distributed Clouds/Servers​

Resource and Project Management

Fable has a large pool of experienced professionals and network to provide access to international qulified resources in short time.

50 SMEs recruitment in 1-4 months​

Pool of 300+ experts on Biopharma R&D, Manufacturing and Design

Pool of 100+ experts on IT, A.I. and related technologies​

Artificial Intelligence integration to corporate and start-up projects to improve the productivity


FABLE Biotech invites Healthcare and Biotechnology licensing and investment companies to contact with us for possible collaborations for FABLE Pipeline & Services.

As we focus on disruptive technologies consisting of several multi-disciplinary fields in science and engineering, we are willing to enlarge our academical collaborations in fields of Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Engineering Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Bioprocess centric Mechatronics, and Biopharma centric Cell Engineering.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us for Business, Scientific Cooperation and Partnering Opportunities.


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